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Johannesburg-Lewiston Little League

Minors 7-8 Yrs


The minors program will also generally remain with the same format as t-ball. Their games may be the early or late slots Monday – Friday, Saturday. Attendance to games and practices will be required. Your coach will ask that you participate with him/her at least three times a week. This could be 3 games or 3 practices or any combination of the 2 depending on game schedules. Yes thing come up but with technology at our fingertips coaches should know as soon as you know if your child is not going to make a practice or game. No call no show’s will have consequences.

Some basics you should expect your child to get out of playing Minors are:

1.       Positions if the coach says short stop you should know where your are going

2.       Don’t be scared of the ball

3.       Catching and throwing to teammates

4.       Catching pop fly balls

5.       Staying in front of the ground ball

6.       Communication with teammates during game

7.       Covering over thrown balls and back up bases

8.       Move on every pitch

9.       Basic understanding of outs, fouls, strikes, and balls

10.    Dugout behavior and good sportsmanship (COACH WILL NEED HELP)

Playing the game:

1.       Have team meet at the ball park ½ hour prior to game time for warm-ups.

2.       Away team coach will pick up concessions bag at Talley’s.

3.       Have your lineups ready and turned into announcer 10 minutes prior to game time.

4.       Have players toe the foul line 5 minutes prior to game time for anthem and little league pledge.

5.       Pitching machine goes on mound with a chalk circle safely around it. (NO PLAYERS IN THE CIRCLE. This is a dead ball zone any ball that travels through this area are dead balls and batter along with anyone on base advance one base, yes you can and will score on a dead ball. Dead balls should be called quickly and loudly by the coach that is pitching.

6.       Away coach pitches first to his players.

7.       Each player up gets five balls through the machine, they may swing at all five balls if they foul the fifth, they will get a sixth. There are no walks you must put the ball in play to advance.

8.       Inning ends on three outs or five runs.

9.       Game will be three innings feel free to play more if time permits and kids patience are holding up.

10.    Use the scoreboard and keep score.

11.    Pitching team coach on mound with assistant in third base box, fielding coach in first base box. At this age they still need direction in the field.

12.    Parent behind plate to help return balls this will help with time.

13.    That is 4 adults on the field if all making fair calls there should be no problem.

14.    Line kids up on foul lines slap hands say good game and take a lap around the bases.

15.    Have two volunteers (NOT COACHES) rake the infield.

16.    Announcer will double count concession money, seal bag and put it in drop bag. Leave for next game, if no second game then away coach will return bag to Talley’s.

During the game please be supportive to the coach, players, and volunteers. Please ask the coach if they need help with anything. There should be plenty of helpers on the field to make sure the children understand the game.

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