Johannesburg-Lewiston Little League

  • League Board Positions Needed

    President Vice President of Baseball Head Umpire Softball Concessions Baseball Concessions Terms for these positions are 2 years and by volunteer. As you can see without these important positions filled we will no...

  • 2015 Baseball All-Stars

    2015 Baseball All-Stars

  • 2015 Softball All-Stars

    2015 Softball All-Stars

About Our Club

Baseball and softball embody the discipline of teamwork. They challenge players toward perfection of physical skills and bring into play the excitement of tactics and strategy. The very nature of baseball and softball also teach that while every player eventually strikes out or is on the losing team, there is always another chance for success in the next at-bat or game.

The league provides its services in the community. It furnishes physical facilities, volunteer services and resources to provide a program for chil...
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